Hi. As you have probably guessed already, I'm Melanie, or "Mel" to my friends and family.

I'm a Kentucky girl full of sarcasm and snark. I love Jesus, a good book,  addicting Netflix series, TJ Maxx, fizzy diet Coke, chips and dip, rainy days spent at home, my niece and nephew, and my little dog, Mia. I blog while working at my step-dad's business and spend my days on social media and reading other blogs. I'm a closet decorator and fashion police, and can shop from morning to night.

This blog is about my life. And I'm not one to hold much back. I share what I've been up to, life with my family and friends, what I'm reading, cooking, watching and listening to, and anything else about life you can think of. The ups and the downs. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 

I hope you'll stick around and enjoy!
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