Monday, May 8, 2017

What I'm Watching

I just finished two really good shows on Netflix last week, and thought I'd share with you.... just in case you're looking for something new. 

The Following

I finally finished the 3rd and final season of The Following this week, and it was so good. The last season was a little slow and far-fetched, but I feel like every show goes through that at some point. This was also the show that I couldn't watch at home because it was super creepy and I would get scared. 

13 Reasons Why

If you haven't seen this show, you're either 1. living under a rock, or 2. just haven't gotten around to it yet. While the show is a little slow paced, the plot and character development is phenomenal. It definitely concerned me that other teens (or people in general) that are contemplating suicide would use this to glorify suicide. But it also shows the lasting affects that suicide has on friends and family left behind. It's such a good show with a good message; be sure to watch the "extras". If your kids are watching, make sure you do too. And have a conversation about it. 

There are a few shows that just added new seasons to Netflix that are on my "to-watch" list. I mean, once you start a series, you kind of have to finish, right?

Pretty Little Liars

I started this in the beginning, and while it's a little lot silly, I have to finish.

Grace and Frankie

Y'all. This is funny. Why are old people funny? This is a good one to have on in the background, not too serious, but clever.

The Crown

I'll be honest, this one doesn't really speak to me, but so many people have talked about how good it is, so we'll see. I made it through two episodes- there are only 10.

Some others I've started and not finished:
The Ranch
The Blacklist
House of Cards

Have you all seen any of these? Should I keep watching? What else have you watched that I must see? Share below!


  1. The Crown is the only one that I've started watching out of this list. I think the reason I like it, is because of my interest in the royal family.

  2. I thought '13 Reasons Why' was well-made, although it did make me very sad. I was sad for a few days after I finished it. But I definitely agree that anyone who watches the series should also watch the extras. It's nice to see that none of the actors were actually harmed.


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