Friday, May 12, 2017

Top 5 Favorite Short Stories

Short stories are my absolute fave! I love reading them. I love(d) writing them. And I loved teaching them. As an English major, former English teacher, and general fan of reading and short stories, I had to celebrate this occasion. In honor of it being Short Story Month, I thought I'd share my top 5 favorite short stories. Maybe you'll read them and decide you love them too.

5. The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe
If ever there was a creepy writer, it was Poe. (All of you "The Following" fans can appreciate this!) This story is just creepy, and if you've ever read Poe, you know he has a unmistakable tone to all of his writing. It's so good. 

4. The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant
This story fits perfectly with current social media crazes of comparison and fitting in and portraying things that may not be as they seem. Great lesson in "being real".

3. A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

This is a story of poor Miss Emily, a southern woman who left the town always wondering about her life. After hear death, they learned more than they bargained for. 

2. Sweet Potato Pie by Eugenia Collier
Oh, I just love this story. It's a sweet story of a family and their story of sweet potato pie. You'll love it!

1. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

Oh, this one. It's my all-time favorite short story, and when I taught, it was my favorite to teach. An emotional story about a woman and a "lottery" game the town plays. But it's not really what you think it is. I don't know why I love this one so much, but I do. Like some of the other stories I've listed, the ending is a surprise, and I do tend to like those (in books too)!

If you have a quiet moment or two today, I hope you read one of these short stories or two. Let me know which is your favorite!

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