Friday, May 5, 2017

Summer Wish List

You guys know I always have things on a wish list of some sort, and now is no different. When I sat down to compile the biggest items on my list, they fell into two categories. Purses and shoes. Is anyone really surprised?

:::I'll wait for a hand to go up.....:::

Let's take a look.

My Summer Wishlist

Here's why:

Barrington Bags- I've been wanting one of these bags for years. Every blogger that's on RStyle has one, and that advertisement is genius. Because now I want one. I'm really digging the pineapple one this year, and the monogrammed striped one is a good staple.

Adidas Superstars in rose gold- Yes, I'm that basic. I have in my head that I would wear these with everything.

Adidas Gazelle in pink- Tell me these aren't cute. Just tell me. Even if you did, I still wouldn't believe you. Love!

Birkenstocks- Birks remind me of everything granola, basically everything that I am not. However this antique lace color is just so so sweet. I've got my eyes on a few more pairs, but this is at the top of the Birks list.

Leather Tote- You guys. Blame this one on Momfessionals and my bestie, Whit. They both have the Market tote and I am obsessed! Pictured is the Market and the Mini Market. The company, Urban Southern, is located in a small town in Tennessee and was created by women whom used to be Amish. Pretty cool story.

I'll fill you in on a little secret- I have one of these in my possession and am planning a post soon. Leave your guesses below!

What is on your wish list for this summer? Let me know!


  1. I love my Barrington bag and they have great customer service. I bought Alise Birkenstocks for Easter and nearly died when they rang up $150!!!

  2. My friend has those Birks, and they are so fun and neutral.


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