Monday, May 15, 2017

Shop with Me: Target Shoes Edition

Hi friends! I thought I'd try a new post, and if it goes over well, maybe make this a series. I like to think that I'm a seasoned shopper; I love the hunt for a good bargain. You can have your drugs and alcohol; just give me a good bargain, and I'm happy!

I had a pretty successful shopping trip at Target recently, and I wanted to share with you guys in case you might like some of it too. Let's dive in!

I wore these to church Sunday and got so many compliments on them! The heel isn't that high and they are honestly pretty comfy. 

Similar in pink; Similar

I bought these against the better judgement of my friend, Meg. As soon as I saw these in ads and magazines, I knew I wanted them. Well imagine when I found them at Target for only $22.99. They are SO comfy, and while I mostly wear them at home, I did venture out of my bubble and wore them last week to work. The guys think they look like house shoes, but if a celeb has them, then I want them.

I've been wanting some Birkenstocks, but haven't been quite ready to pull the trigger on the price. I found these at Target and ordered them. While they were the wrong size (they run big), they were SO comfortable. I'm definitely going to order again.....or just wait until I'm ready to take the plunge on the real deal. 

I'm really loving this style of the lace up shoes now, and loved these when I tried them on. While it wasn't really a good luck for me with my wide feet, I think they'd be super cute on someone else. And so darling with the cotton dresses everyone is wearing now. They come in a gorgeous coral color, and cognac and denim too. 

I've been wanting a pair like these from Steve Madden for a while too, but ran across these online. They are a fraction of the price, and just as cute! These are everywhere now, and a good option for running around instead of a boring old sneaker. Also sold in a cute army green, white, and if you're brave, a shiny rose gold!

Finally, I wasn't even going to post these since they are new on my radar, but as I was looking for the previous shoes, I saw them, and had a moment. 
 They. are. GORGEOUS! 
That deserved it's own line, btw. I am a sucker for all things gingham, and these are no different. They're just pretty. And so southern. So there ya go. 

What do you think of my shoe picks? Which are your favorite?

And let me know- are you a fan of this kind of post becoming a regular?

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