Thursday, May 4, 2017

3 on Thursday: BBN Autograph Tour Edition

March is one of the highlights of my year due to everything that is March Madness. And following that comes the #BBN autograph tour of graduating seniors or players that are heading to the NBA.

I've met three of the players recently, and y'all, they just made my day!

De'Aaron Fox was probably the nicest of the three, but it was hard competition. He was really friendly and personable.

Big man, Bam, was my second meeting of the year. Y'all. I wanted him to stand up, because he is huge! Like Fox, he was really nice too. 

They saved the best for last, my favorite player, Malik Monk! I may or may not have embarrassed myself when I told him I was completely obsessed with him. And he may or may not have been a little weirded out that a 33 year old woman was obsessed with his 19 year old self. I have no shame. 

I love love UK basketball (yes, love it so much I said it twice), so I always get excited when I have a 30 second encounter with a player. I may forget about it in 6 months, but I'll always have pictures....and these blog posts. 

And if you've forgotten those posts, never fear. Here's proof. 

Anthony Davis way back when.....

And then a few years later when I literally say right behind him at a game.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. I mean....he had his arm around me!!!

Last year with Tyler Ulis

And Jamaal Murray

I met Coach Cal during a book signing tour.

And the Harrison twins a few years ago. Two for one!

Fun times, my friends. Fun times. #BBN!

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