Friday, May 26, 2017

5 Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday, friends! I can't tell you how excited I am that it is a 3 day weekend! Hallelujah!
Praise Jesus!

Today I'll be sharing 5 favorites from the week. Why 5? I don't know, but it seems like a good number. 

Celebrating my sweet nephew's FIRST birthday last Saturday was my absolute favorite! 1 year has flown by!!!!

I rocked my Old Soul Jewelry Co. leather cuff this week, and it is a new fave! Leopard, pony hair, and bling? Yes ma'am! Check them out at @thedevores on Instagram to see all of their goodies! Beautiful stuff and it's all handmade!

I had the time of my life on Monday night at the Preds game. It wasn't just any old hockey game either. It was a playoff game! They won, and for the first time ever, they are headed to the Stanley Cup! How cool is that? The crowd was insane, which made it so much fun!

And of course, I had to get the nachos. You can't go to Bridgestone without getting the queso!!!

Remember my post a few days ago on my new Urban Southern bag? It's already one of my most read posts. Love the company, love my bag, and love that you all read about it and hopefully checked them out! I have another friend wanting one now, so I consider that a win!

And then imagine my excitement when I saw Urban Southern featured me on their social media. Really cool, right? Definitely a fave this week!

What are your favorites from the week? Share with me!

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Three on Thursday: Skin Care Edition

If you're new to Three on Thursday posts, I totally borrowed the idea from Not Entirely Perfect. It's a post of (3) things I'm currently loving and think you'd love too! It can be anything from products, foods, music, shows, books, etc. Basically anything that's worth sharing!

Today, though, I am focusing on skin care that I love!

Y'all this is amazing! It's not greasy at all, goes on well, and makes your skin ultra soft. I hate anything greasy, and this is the best moisturizer I've ever found! Mom buys it on QVC, but you can find it on Amazon too. 

I have finally found a moisturizer that I love, that won't break the bank, and that leaves my face so so soft. There's no scent, which I love. I haven't been as regular applying this as I should be this week, and I can totally tell a difference! 

I am the world's worst about cleaning my face consistently. So many times I'm just tired, and go to bed without removing my makeup. I know. It's gross. I've bought cleansers, and either they don't cleanse very well, or they have a terrible scent that I just can't stand. Here's where wipes come in. They are so easy to grab, and honestly, I think they're made for lazy people like me who cant be bothered with the whole soap, water, cloth situation. I've tried a million brands too, and this blue pack is by far the best, in my opinion!

That's it! 3 of my top favorite skin care must haves! What do you use and recommend?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hump Day Confessions

It's been awhile since I've made any confessions on here, and I decided it's time to spill some stuff! No judging!

I confess.... it's supposed to rain this Memorial Day weekend, and honestly, I'm kind of glad. I desperately need some downtime at home, and I love being home and it storming outside.

I confess... I'm super excited for Saturday. I have plans to get a pedissage and lunch with my long lost bestie, Whitney. She lives in Louisville (1.5 hour away), and while we talk regularly, there's nothing like having a day to spend hanging out like the old days.

I confess... the older I get the less people I like. I've never been graced with patience, but it's worse as I'm older. People are just rude, y'all, and it is my biggest pet peeve!

I confess... I was really pumped when Urban Southern shared my post on their social media outlets yesterday. I wrote a review of the Mini Market Tote, and they shared it! So cool!

I confess... I had Mexican yesterday for lunch, am seriously considering getting it again today. Even though I may have it for dinner tonight, and I have book club tomorrow at the same place. #NoShame

Don't you dare let me make all of these confessions alone. What is one confession you need to make? Leave it below!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Urban Southern

I first learned about the bags and brand from my favorite blogger, Andrea at Momfessionals. She rocks the coolest bag. She put it on my radar. Then my bestie, Whit, took the plunge and ordered the same bag, the Market tote. As soon as I saw hers, I knew I would have to have one. It was gorgeous! And smelled so good!

This is a long post, so bare with me. It's worth it. 

First, I'll show you the unboxing. I kind of love their "stamp" brand logo. The mix of modern uppercase letters and then carefree cursive. It's just cute. (Excuse me, but I notice stuff like this.)

I open it up to protective tissue paper and a cute sticker. 

And then the angels sang as I peeled back the paper to see my new leather bag. 

These handles are my favorite part of the bag. I just think they are the cutest!

But when I need hands free, it also has these longer handles, which fit nicely. 

And again, that stamp! Love it!

I love that the leather is real, it isn't perfect, and it will only get better with time. And the smell. THE SMELL! It just smells like good leather, ya know?

Here's where it gets embarrassing. I thought I'd do a "bag photoshoot". It's comical really. 

 My friend's 5 year old helped me out. I she not the cutest?!

And here's the embarrassing part. I attempted. I felt like an idiot. And the 5 year old took the pictures. So there's that. Haha.

Now I will be honest, I was nervous about the size because I chose the "Mini Market". I'm a bigger girl, so I feel like I need a bigger bag to balance me out. Does that sound crazy or make sense?

But the regular Market Tote is HUGE, and I just don't need that much room for what I carry.

Fashion blogger, I will never be. 

I also included pics I found on Instagram with the #UrbanSouthern hashtag. I always look online to get ideas before I purchase something. 

And a few pics from the Urban Southern page. 

The story of Urban Southern is also what attracted me to the company. They hand craft every bag in their shop in a small, rural town in Tennessee. The owner, Regina, and her cousin, Meg, used to be Amish, and they share their history and lives on Instagram stories weekly. They are so cool to follow, and I love learning about the brand, the leather work, and their lives.

I assure you, this is not a sponsored post, and I was paid nothing and received nothing for writing this. I just love my bag and think company is so unique, and I wanted to share with you all. 

Have you heard of Urban Southern? Do you have any bags? 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's been a big week of celebrating, so I've got lots of favorites to share today!

Sunday was Mother's Day, so we celebrated our mom and my sister Sunday with lunch after church. 

I made this super yummy Broccoli and Cheese Casserole in a Crock Pot for lunch. It was delish! 

The next night, I did some meal prep for the week. This is the first time I've been intentional about prepping....and honestly I didn't even call it that until after. I was just cooking some yummy stuff for the week so I wouldn't eat fast food so much. I can share what I did next week, if anyone is interested!

The next day was my favorite sister's birthday! We celebrated at one of my favorite local places and then went back to Moms for gifts and ice cream cake!

I also rocked some Sandy Pearls this week. They are my fave bangles to wear; I'm basically obsessed with them! Remember that time the owner taught us to make our own? 

Any time with this girl is sure to be a fave! And how cute is she in this ribbon-turned-headband? She'd be cute in anything, right?

And today! Today, this little stinker turns ONE! I wasn't sure I could love another little one as much as I did his sister, but yep, there's room for more! Love him so much! 
PS. Nieces and nephews are my absolute, all-time fave!

So while it's rainy and gloomy this weekend, we're going to spend more time celebrating the ONE year old. I've got some stuff up my sleeve, so I'll be sure to share next week too!
Happy weekend, y'all!

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