Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Prom Night

When Andrea announced that today was Show and Tell Tuesday PROM NIGHT edition, I got a little excited. I mean, when did we look better all dolled up than on our prom night? Well, for me anyway.

Let's start with junior year. My first prom was a little nerve-racking! I was soooo nervous.  Mom did my hair and makeup, and I loved it all. Except those eyebrows. Why didn't someone tell me to put the tweezers down? 

The year was 2001 and the shoes were bright white. ;)

My favorite prom (for the look and experience) was my senior prom in 2002. I loved my dress; I loved my hair (Mom did that and my makeup again); I loved my jewelry; I loved my flowers; I loved the people I went with. It was all so much fun.

There was a group of 4 of my best friends that year that all went together with our boyfriends. We had the best time!

Seriously loved my dress. It was so much prettier in person!

The last prom I attended was the following year, in 2003. I was a freshman in college, but my boyfriend that year was a senior in high school in the neighboring county. My sister was going to a different prom that year, so we both got our hair done together at a salon. I hated it. It was so big, and just not me at all. (And the lady doing our hair asked if I was my sister's mom. So that was a sign for the night, I suppose.....)

Mom did my makeup again, and my dress and jewelry was pretty. And my eyebrows are obviously much much better. Thank you to whomever intervened! 

I didn't enjoy this prom near as much as the previous year. It was at a school I didn't go to, with people I didn't really know, but it wasn't too terrible. Luckily, my best friend also dated a guy from that school, so she was there too!

It's fun looking back at these photos from 15 years ago; I look totally different (which is a little depressing), but the memories I made at these events will last a lifetime. 

I've already shared my favorite look; which do you prefer? Pink, white, or black?


  1. You look so happy in the white dress, but I think the black one is beautiful too. And you looked gorgeous. My Prom pictures all have many things left to be desired. Ha!

  2. I love your dresses! So pretty! Laughing out loud at the eyebrows - I've been there too. And my junior year hairstyle was terrible -- twists with actual butterfly clips. Of course at the time I thought it was fantastic lol!

  3. I really like the white dress on you. Very pretty. My oldest son will be going to his Senior Prom next weekend.


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