Thursday, April 27, 2017

Blood Memory Book Review

I'm a new reader of Greg Iles, and I have to just jump right into it and say I'm also a new fan!

I heard of him through fellow blogger and friend, Laura, who blogs over at The Horton Family blog. She had met Iles, visited his area, and gushed about him in one of her posts. Our book club needed a new book for April, and based on her post, I recommended Iles. 
from Laura's post

I'm so so glad I did; everyone loved the book, Blood Memory!

Synopsis from Amazon
Hailed by Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) for his "utterly consuming" suspense fiction, New York Times bestselling author Greg Iles melds forensic detail with penetrating insight into the heart of a killer in a southern town. 

Some memories live deep in the soul, indelible and dangerous, waiting to be resurrected....Forensic expert "Cat" Ferry is suspended from an FBI task force when the world-class odontologist is inexplicably stricken with panic attacks and blackouts while investigating a chain of brutal murders. Returning to her Mississippi hometown, Cat finds herself battling with alcohol, plagued by nightmares, and entangled with a married detective. Then, in her childhood bedroom, some spilled chemicals reveal two bloody footprints...and the trauma of her father's murder years earlier comes flooding back. Facing the secrets of her past, Cat races to connect them to a killer's present-day violence. But what emerges is the frightening possibility that Cat herself has blood on her hands....

My Review
Whoa! This book has almost 500 pages, so I knew it would take me a while to read, especially since I haven't been in the reading groove this year. Well, I was wrong. I could NOT put it down, and I sped through it in no time. A lot of times, my eyes get really tired at night and my vision gets blurry. Normally I have to quit reading until the next day. Some nights, I just brought the book closer, squinted a little harder, and charged through just one more chapter. It was so good!

We discussed at book club how it kept us on the edge of our seat, and there were so many twists and angles that kept you guessing. Looking back, some things we would have changed because it maybe didn't seem so realistic or it wasn't what we would have preferred, but we were still such fans. 

So happy with Greg Iles and Blood Memory that we decided to choose another Iles book for May. We're reading Dead Sleep next; please feel free to read along this month, and maybe we can chat about it too. Wouldn't that be fun?

Thanks, Laura, for getting us hooked on Mr. Iles!

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