Tuesday, April 4, 2017

5 Things I've Never Done

1. Skydive- While the idea sounds fun and exhilarating, I know I'd pee my pants on the way up.

2. Water Ski- I have a fear of being under water for too long. When I jump in the lake or a pool, I have to hold my nose closed, and know that wouldn't work if I were holding onto a ski rope. Which leads to....

3. Scuba Diving-  A mask on my face. Deep in the water. Just no. I have a friend that scuba dives, and just listening to her describe it scares me. No thank you.

4. Hike- Nothing sounds worse than climbing through trees and rocks in the dirt. And it hurts. So there's that.
5. Be a runner- Bouncing off the the last sentence in #4, every time I've ever tried running, it hurts. Yes, I know it's because I'm super duper out of shape, and you have to take it slow, and work up to it, but NO! I don't want to. Even when I was in shape and smaller, running was still really hard for me. So, don't go signing me up for the Boston Marathon any time soon...or heck, even the local 5K.


  1. I hear ya! I've never done any of these except for number 5. I used to love to run and am trying to get back into it. However, hiking doesn't appeal to me. I am not a fan of the outdoors lol.

    1. Me either, girl. Unless it's lake or pool or beach, leave me inside in the air conditioning.

  2. I haven't done none of those either!

  3. I'd do the first four before I'd do the last one. I despise running and get no enjoyment out of it. My oldest son is on the Cross Country and Track teams and loves running. He does anywhere from 5-9 miles a day. Sure didn't get it from his momma!

  4. I went sky diving once. I'm glad I did, because I really wanted to, but I'd never do it again. The scary part for me wasn't going up, it was physically jumping out of a plane. I couldn't do it! Luckily it was a tandem jump and my partner/sky dive instructor guy just launched us out of the plane, otherwise I never would have jumped... or remembered to pull the cord! And I tried scuba diving, but there's this part where they try to teach you had to clear your mask (while underwater) and I breathed in instead of out and felt like I was drowning and freaked out. No scuba diving for me! Haha, I love this list and idea!


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