Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

What I'm Eating
Fried pickles, bbq, and chicken in Memphis. 

What I'm Reminiscing About
Basketball season. I am heartbroken at the end of every season. I just love watching UK play.

What I'm Loving
The Following. It's scary, and I can't watch it at home, but it's so so good!

What I've Been Up To
Memphis baby! Read about it here.

What I'm Dreading
Cleaning my house this weekend. I've got Bunco on Tuesday, and SO MUCH to do before then.

What I'm Working On
Getting back into the swing of things on the blog. I've been in a writing funk, so hopefully it's over soon. 

What I'm Excited About
Bunco next week. I've been worried about it- the cleaning, the cooking, the hosting...,
but I'm excited nonetheless.

What I'm Watching
The Following, as mentioned previously. So creepy, so good.
Also, everything on Bravo and Shondaland.

What I'm Reading
Prayers for Owen Meany.
I'm having trouble getting into it, but I'm struggling reading anything lately.

What I'm Listening To
Podcasts lately. I've got Stassi Shroeder and Boo Mama.

What I'm Wearing
As usual, lots of leggings and tunics.

What I'm Doing This Weekend
Preparing for Bunco, and recovering from Memphis.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month
Lots of spring marketplaces! Can't wait!

What Else Is New?
Still working on getting my house together. Every room, except the living room, is a work in progress. When will it ever end??

Bonus: What's my favorite spring wardrobe piece?
Love pulling out the wedges for spring. They've been pushed to the back of the closet for winter, and they're ready to see some action!

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  1. That food from Memphis looks amazing.

    I'll be with you this weekend, cleaning too. Caleb is a tornado and we get the house spotless every weekend... then he promptly destroys it. Lol.

  2. The food...oh em gee!

    And that game was heart-breaking for sure. It busted my bracket big time, and this is coming from a Vol!

  3. Fried pickles are the best! I can't watch scary shows... I'll freak myself out. :)


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