Thursday, March 9, 2017

Three on Thursday

Happy little Friday, friends! I'm here to share three of my favorite sites today. Hope you enjoy! :)

If you're new to Three on Thursday posts, I totally borrowed the idea from Not Entirely Perfect. It's a post of (3) things I'm currently loving and think you'd love too! It can be anything from products, foods, music, shows, books, etc. Basically anything that's worth sharing!

I've been using Poshmark for years, but some of my friends don't even know about it. I've been slacking. Here's how it works- you take photos of your item to sell, post the photos and description, enter your price, and post. As buyers, you can search for brands, items, or just a general browse. When you see something you like, you buy it. Y'all it's so easy, and I've cleared out so much stuff that I don't wear and sold it on here. They do take 20%, but I just list the price to where I'm covered. 
Easy peasy!

Get $5 off your first order by going here and enter code HMXJX.

the Skimm

I like the news, but I hate hate hate watching the news, and I'm not a big fan of reading papers. I do like staying pretty up to date though, and I do that by getting the simplified version of the news delivered to my email every morning. Yep, just sign up on their website and they will deliver the news in a fun, catchy way to your email. I can read it in less than 5 minutes and stay up to date on what's going on.

Read today's Skimm here

Oh, Mel on Facebook

You all know I took a big leap by opening my blog up a few months ago to people I actually know. I've gotten positive feedback from friends and friends of friends, and everyone has just been so nice about it. Why was I afraid?! I'm sharing this today, because I love sharing random things that I don't necessarily share on this blog or on my personal fb page. Things like all pink starburst and packs of Sharpies for $9. Those are exciting things, y'all! So do yourself a favor (and me too!) and go like that page. Pretty please with a cherry on top?!


  1. I've never heard of Poshmark... I'll have to look into it. It sounds neat.

  2. What's your username on Poshmark? You dress so cute, I would love to shop your closet :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you; that's so sweet!
      My username is @melanie_ks


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