Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Faves

Happy Friday! 
Aren't you all SO flippin' glad it's the dang weekend? I'm ready for a weekend full of basketball tournament games and relaxation!

One of my faves from the week was attending the SEC tourney in Nashville this weekend. My fave part? Winning the championship!

And the nachos were a pretty close second. OMG the best nachos ever!

My absolute favorite part of the week? Having this little rugrat with me on Friday night. She is just the most fun and I absolutely love this age. 4 is FUN! Opie, my parents dog, was also over for a few days, and while he is a handful (insert eye roll), he's pretty fun too!

I received a package this week, and was super excited to see that I had received Shay Shull's (Mix and Match Mama) latest cookbook, Kids in the Kitchen. It has some yummy recipes in it, and I can't wait to get in the kitchen with my niece and cook up some tasty treats! Thanks so much, Shay!

 It's Donut Friday here at work, and I have already taken full advantage! Obviously, it's my favorite work day of the week! Gimme all the donuts!

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  1. I wish we had Donut Fridays! Although it's probably better that we don't! Last time someone brought in donuts I ate three of them throughout the day...
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Those nachos look amazing!

    Opie is so cute. I'm currently taking care of my parent's two dogs while they're away and OMG they are the worst. Ugh. Lol.


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