Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Recap

 I say this every single month, but seriously, how has another month come and gone? Seriously.

Since it's March 1st, here is a recap of February. Sit back and catch up on some stuff you may have missed.

I took a hand lettering class earlier last month, and loved it. I can't say my lettering is any better because I haven't been writing much lately, but it was fun, and I want to do another soon!

I ate some really really good food this month. If you know me, you know I love to go out to eat, so..... I was basically in heaven. 

I've consumed an embarrassing amount of girl scout cookies, and hopefully I won't see them again until next year. Yummy, but good grief...I need an intervention!

I shared my newest favorite beauty product, and am seriously obsessed. My skin is so so soft! I'd even venture out to say that it feels as soft as a baby's bottom. Yep. I went there. 

I treated myself to this Kate Spade bag that I had been coveting for months. I finally found it online for a really really great deal, and took the plunge. Love it! I get so many compliments on it!

My sweet friends, Kathy and Jamie, sent me some flowers on the worst holiday ever, Valentine's Day. They knew I'd be super bitter about the day, so they sent this sweet bouquet. 
Love them and their kind hearts.

I also did a parody of the popular facebook profile pics on previously mentioned terrible holiday. You're welcome. 

I also shared some recipes with you guys. 

And this Razorback Dip that is delish.

I played some fun firestick games with friends, and had the best time!

And shared some songs that I just cant listen to enough...

And I had the best time with my niece and nephew throughout the month. Can't get enough of those sweet sweet faces!

I hope your February was as eventful and fun as mine! Here's to a great March!


  1. Wow, your hand lettering looks amazing!

  2. All I could think of this whole post was how amazing your baked potato looks.... Now I'm craving one!! Love seeing everything you did this month :)


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