Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Songs on Repeat

I know I've shared my playlist a few times now, but there are some songs I have been listing to for weeks, and I'm still obsessed with them. 

All but one are country, so if you're not a country fan, my apologies. And you don't know what you're missing! ;)

In no particular order......

Beauty and the Beast
Ariana Grande and John Legend

Can. Not. Wait. for this movie to come out mid-March! So excited. As a little girl, I was Belle. She had the library, so of course, I wanted to be her!

Making Me Look Good Again
 Drake White

A Guy with a Girl
Blake Shelton

She Got the Best of Me
Luke Combs

Song for Another Time
Old Dominion

I read an article over the weekend about how the writers added 20 different song titles into the song. Cool, right?

Luke Combs

There ya have it; my playlist that's pretty much on repeat when I'm in my car!
What songs are you loving lately?

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  1. Oh my goodness that beauty and the beast song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be on repeat from now until forever over here.

  2. I'm excited for Beauty and the Beast, too! I need to find some interested friends to go see it. Thanks for linking up!


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