Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

You know the drill: Friday equals sharing my favorites from the week!

My family is my favorite. I chose this pic because look at how silly my niece is being, and then look at how her brother is looking at her. This is reality. She's a ham, and he just looks at her and laughs. So cute!

And sleeping babes are my favorite- especially this one. Look at those cheeks. That lower lip. I mean. Can I just hold him forever?

New hat gets a thumbs up from me. Let's be honest, caps look terrible on me. I think it's a combination of my round face, super thick hair, and just looking like crap in general. But I'm going to rock this thing anyway! Who cares?

Brandi's red velvet cake with cream cheese icing may be my absolute favorite thing from the entire week. I'm sad it's all gone. Don't worry- you all get the recipe next week!

More food pics, because well, food is my fave! I ate at Pub by Novo this week, and it did not disapoint!

Pictures of this sweet baby are my fave! And look at that bib. Yep. This auntie loves it!

I love love love games, so game night with friends this week was a fave. And fibbage might just be a new fave game!

Let's end the post with even more food, shall we? I ate at a local restaurant, whose menu changes daily. You know those country-cookin' places? Well, I've been several times, and I always get the exact same thing- deluxe cheeseburger and curly fries. Oh. My. Word. I ate every single bite. That good! I got lots of instalove on this post, so you all must like yummy food posts too!

As usual, I'm linking up with Andrea, Christina, and Karlie!


  1. Those food pics look delicious while I sit here and eat my boring turkey sandwich - ha!

    Your niece and nephew are so cute.

    Happy weekend!

  2. I don't wear hats, either, and RVC is my favorite, right after chocolate cake!


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