Monday, February 13, 2017

Cream Cheese & Hot Pepper Jelly Spread

You are about to see the most random, easiest recipe in the entire universe! 

When I first saw this/heard about it at a party, I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. But then I tried it, and it has become a staple at every party I host. Seriously. So yummy!

Don't even worry about getting a pen to write this down, because it is only 2 ingredients! Two! 
1. block of cream cheese
2. small jar of hot pepper jelly

Yep. That's it. Two whole ingredients!

And are you ready to hear how insanely easy it is to prepare?

1. Place you block of cream cheese on a small platter/dish. 
2. Stir jelly so it isn't one big glob.
3. Pour on top of cream cheese. 

Yep. That easy.

As the cream cheese sets on the counter, it gets soft and the flavors just go together so well. I admit I was hesitant to try because I don't like hot stuff and I don't like peppers, but I was wrong. You can't actually taste peppers, it isn't hot, and it is the best combination of sweet with a kick.

Serve with Ritz crackers or with Pretzel/Cracker Flip Sides and you have the simplest spread that your guests will be surprised to love!

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