Monday, January 23, 2017

Life Lately

It's Monday and in the hour I've been at work, it has been I N S A N E! But honestly, it has been that way for an entire week. Does that happen to you guys? I had something every single day last week, but nothing really going on this week. Crazy! I thought I'd share the crazy with you today and fill you in on what's going on with me lately. 

Still rocking some crazy LuLaRoe! These are my new favorite leggings. 
Leggings from Brittany Ramsey LuLaRoe.

Remember that paint party I attended last week with the epic Chick-fil-a buffet? Here's the product on my pink door. Yes. I love pink. 

While I haven't had much time to read this week, when I have, I've been reading Lauren Graham's (Lorelei Gilmore!!!!!) novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe
Feather leggings from Agnes & Dora by Betsy Ann!

We celebrated my friend, Melinda's, birthday with dinner, a trip to Target, and then Starbucks on Friday. 

Then she and I had a little afternoon of shopping at Opry Mills on Saturday. We ate at Claim Jumpers, and both had the Drunk Chicken with potato cakes. Oh. My. Yum! It was amazing!

What did I buy? Well I'm glad you asked!

Before I left, I was looking through my purses and needed a black crossbody. Didn't have one. So I was kind of on the lookout for something either dark gray or black. Found this exact purse for around $80ish. Got to the counter and it was only $72. Well slap my momma! I was so excited to find out it was discounted even more!
Y'all know I have crazy hair, and I wish nothing more that it was totally different. It's kind of kinky curly, and I want loose beach waves. Well, God didn't want that to happen, so I've been looking for a product that doesn't enhance curl, but loosen it.  I'd heard bumble and bumble products are good, so I went to test some. The lady at a cosmetic/hair store recommended the curl style anti-humidity curl gel. She said it's heavier so it would weigh down the curl. I've used it for two mornings, and I'm still not sure. My hair is still curly (ugh!), but I feel like the curls aren't as tight. I don't know. We'll see.
Have you all used any of these?

Old Navy Long Cardigan

You also know that I love me some LuLaRoe (as referenced in the first pic today), but I don't love their prices. I'm not one to spend $70 on a sweater that doesn't even feel amazing. I just don't, but I have 2 times now. Also let me preface, that I never shop at Old Navy anymore, but was at the mall, so I thought why not? Saw this sweater, realized it looked just like the Sarah cardigan, and then saw it was only $35. SCORE!

Good deals, right?

That's life lately!
I'm hoping this week will be pretty low-key. Have a great week, my friends! 


  1. Loving those feather leggings! I haven't seen that pattern yet.

    I LOVE that Old Navy cardigan! I may have to check my local store. I have a couple of Sarahs, but they are WAY too expensive and I probably won't buy any more of them. I'm not usually an Old Navy shopper myself, but I just ordered some leggings. I heard that their high rise compression leggings are fantastic, so I got some online. I'm waiting for them to come in!

    1. Feather leggings are Agnes & Dora! I need to note that.

      I found a dress I want to order from Old Navy too. They didn't have my size. You can get good deals from there, but I was so frustrated with the fit that I stayed away for awhile.

  2. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday, and I love your new crossbody... super cute!


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