Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

This meme says it all. It has been the craziest week, and I'm just glad it's over! Can I get an amen?

Friday means I'm sharing my faves from the week with you all and Andrea

My friend, Melinda, brought soap and my absolute favorite chocolates as her favorite thing at my party last week. I could seriously eat these until I'm sick. They are so so good!

My friend, Celesta, sent me this pic this week. It was taken at last year's Friendsmas, and that little dog is my absolute favorite. If I ever had anyone over, she was in my lap, or as she preferred, sitting on my chest. She felt safest there. Love this pic.  So glad Celesta sent this to me!

You all know I love me some LuLaRoe, and this outfit has become my fave. I love this green Sarah, and paired with the striped/floral top and my new Toms wedges? Love it!

I had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant this week. It's my home away from home. 

Taking a few minutes out of the day to read my The One Year Bible has also become a favorite. I can't believe how easy it is to understand what the Bible is saying when you can break it down into small sections. 

I grabbed a late lunch at one of my favorite spots this week too! Fazolis baked chicken parm? Yumm! It never disappoints!

This sweet boy. My nephew has RSV and has just been feeling awful lately. My mom stopped by yesterday and sent this picture. Is he just not the cutest? Those cheeks! He's my fave!

I know, more LuLaRoe! I can't help it. But these leggings are my fave because this is my favorite color! I have so much jewelry in this color, so I'm excited I have some leggin's to add to my closet! And of course I paired it with my favorite Irma tee!

Tell me a favorite moment from your week this week! 
Hope you guys have an awesome weekend! See you Monday!


  1. Ok at first I thought the dog was sitting inside your shirt! LOL! I was like WTH?! Sorry. Blonde moment, I guess. Love, love that green cardi!

  2. Fazolis is one of my favorites!! Hope your Little Guy is feeling better!!!


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