Tuesday, January 17, 2017

10 Random Facts About Me

I saw a linkup called 10 on the 10th earlier last week at Perfectly Port and this month's topic was to post 10 random facts about yourself. While I'm certainly late to the party, I thought I'd go on and share some random facts about myself anyway. Who cares if I'm 7 number of days late, right?! 

This is the perfect fact after that meme-
I'm the biggest fan of The Golden Girls. I have every season on dvd, and watch it every time it's on television. I've probably seen every single episode multiple times but they never get old. #GoldenGirl4Life

I have been known to be on Facebook on my desktop at work, and then pick up my phone to check....FACEBOOK! There is seriously something wrong with that you guys. I don't know why I do it, because I do it without even realizing it. Social media is addicting. #ImSoAshamed

I usually spend around 4 times a month more eating out than I do at the grocery. It's only me at home, so it's just easier and honestly cheaper to grab something while I'm out than to buy groceries and spend an hour cooking a meal. I've been trying to eat at home more and cooking things like spaghetti or soup or "breakfast for dinner" that is easy and quick. 

Coke is addicting. And I'm not talking about that white powdery stuff either. I'm talking about ice cold Coca Cola. It's like crack in a can. I could drink that stuff all freaking day long and be happy as a clam. It's also the reason I've blown up to look like an elephant. Remember that no sodas/drink more water goal I have this year? It's going pretty well, but I can assure you, I am not happy about it. 

I could eat cheese dip and chips every single day of my life. Seriously. 

I have a bachelor's (English) and master's degree (School Counseling), yet I work at my step-dad's business in the office. Sometimes it bothers me. Most of the time I love it because a. no whiny or mean 18 year olds, b. no lesson plans, c. no administration looking over my shoulder every minute, d. no clubs to sponsor or sports to coach, e. no nights or weekends!

I do not like animals. At the zoo, ok. But other people's pets? Keep them away from me. I'm not a cat person, dog person, horse person, fish person, etc. Nothing.
It surprised everyone that I got a dog 9.5 years ago! She (and my parents' dog) are the only animals I want anywhere near me. Sorry. #notsorry

I'm the Sunday School teacher for the kids at my church. If everyone is there, I have 7 kids. Yep, I go to a super small church, but love love love working with them for an hour every Sunday morning. 

I have had a paper planner for as long as I can remember. They furnished them in middle/elementary school, and I've bought one since college. I am firmly against electronic ones and don't even use the one on my phone. No thank you!

I've been blogging for longer than 5 years. I've had several different names (According to Miss Melanie, Sarcasm and Curls...) and I'll probably change again some day. It's just a hobby for me, and I love writing and sharing with others and reading about other people too!


  1. I haven't watched Golden Girls in a very long time. And I'm hoping you kick your soda habit soon! You've got this!

  2. Wow! As I read your blog, the national news just said that Betty White is 95 today! I love the Golden Girls, too! Great post! Loved reading more things about you!

  3. I love these types of blog posts! Somehow, I'm just catching up with your posts! That queso and chips tip - Girl, you and me both!! If only we lived close enough to have it nightly :)

  4. This morning I literally did the same thing with facebook. it was open on my laptop and i opened it on my phone... what the heck??? GIMME ALL THE COKE. I love coke. my church growing up was SUPER small too! the one i go to now is bigger but not a ton bigger, so it feels like home. do more of these posts. they're some of my favorites! and obviously it's all about what I want, not what YOU want. ;)


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