Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sara Evans

I'm a Sara Evans fan from back in the day, so when I heard she would be in Bowling Green, I knew I had to find someone to go with me. 

Luckily, my sister mentioned it not long after, so we decided to make it a girls night with my Mom. 

Little did they know I'm a selfie queen, and the majority of pictures from the night would be selfies!

Here we are at dinner at Mariahs. Do yourself a favor and order the Blue Cheese Chips. OMG Amazing!

I'm well aware I look nothing like Mom and sister. I'd swear I'm adopted.... if I didn't act so much like my mother.

Here's the outside of Mariahs all decorated for Christmas. I love simple clear lights.

The skating rink across the street. This is a new feature for BG, and I am determined to go back to try it. It's been years since I've ice-skated.

SKyPAC was just a short block away, and I wish I had gotten a picture of the theater. Gorgeous!

Mom, Trisha, and I in the lobby.

The Red Fiddlers performed for waiting guests. So cute, and so talented! Wow!

Anxiously waiting for the show to start.

Another Selfie. Mom was over it at this point. "Last one!"

Sara Evans performed with Orchestra Kentucky, and it was absolutely beautiful!

She's awesome anyway, but with the orchestra? Absolutely incredible!

She sang her songs the first half, and then Christmas songs the last half.

We are so lucky to have a place like this, and I can't wait to go back. And if you ever get a chance to hear Sara Evans, jump on it! This was my 2nd time seeing her and she was even better this time!


  1. I love Sara Evans - have since the early 2000s at least! What a fun night for y'all!


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