Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pedissage at Bella Salon & Spa

It pays to enter all of those giveaways, my friends. Because let me tell you, I won the best giveaway last week; and I never win anything! 

Bella Salon & Spa (in Bowling Green, Kentucky) gave away a pedissage with the Certified Celebrator herself, Brittany Young!

I showed up not knowing what to expect, so I was a little nervous. 
1. I've never been to Bella.
2. I've never had a pedissage. Didn't even know what it entailed, honestly.

As soon as I walked in, I was impressed. This wasn't just any old nail salon. Bella Salon & Spa is the creme de la creme, and I immediately felt the calmness. It was absolutely gorgeous inside. I was greeted and then offered a drink while I waited on Brittany. (I'm always a little early. It's habit.)

Of course I took pictures so I could share with you all. 

Chandeliers are my favorite thing ever. Isn't this one gorgeous?

They had tons of products.

And lots of holiday gift ideas!

I'm always looking for products to tame my curly, frizzy mess, and I think I need this one. I'll be going back soon to pick it up. #curlcontroller

Once we were taken back to the room, I didn't get many pictures.
I was too busy being pampered.

First, the room was dimmed. There was soft music playing, candles were lit, and the scent in there was so nice. Already, I felt relaxed.

Then, the spa therapist, Meredith,  rubbed oil on my neck and then put this heated 
neck pillow on me. 

A pedissage, I soon learned, is just what you would think- a pedicure along with a foot/lower leg massage. Think a massage with lots of hot towels, a paraffin treatment, exfoliation, lotions....  HEAVEN! 

I've had pedicures before and my feet have been rough even when I left. At those other places, it always felt like a chore. Not at Bella. Everything about it was enjoyable. Even this morning (after wearing boots all night), my feet were the softest they had ever been! Like a baby's bottom, people. That soft!

Here I am with Brittany after the most amazing treatment ever! 

Before heading to my afternoon session for work, I treated myself to a Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks. Because duh. What better way to end the afternoon of bliss, amiright?

And here I am afterward. Completely relaxed and ready to schedule another session at Bella! 
If I could have taken the picture AND had 2 thumbs up, I would have. 
You guys. I couldn't recommend this salon and spa enough. From the minute I walked in to the minute I walked out, everything was perfect. The staff was so nice. The pedissage was phenomenal, and I want to gift every one of my girl friends one-- and go with you when you go! 

If you're local, do yourself a favor and book one now! And then let me know so I can join! ;)

While I did win the giveaway for the free pedissage, no one at Bella knew I would be writing this blog post. I'm just sharing my experience, because I loved it so so much!


  1. That sounds like such a relaxing experience! The town I currently live in doesn't have any good nail salons - I miss mine from Colorado!

    Chesnut praline is the most perfect holiday treat - they're my favorite!


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