Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Decor {Show & Tell}

No matter how much I try to get time to slow down, Christmas is quickly approaching and will be over before we even know it. I want to take these next few weeks to enjoy the magic of Christmas and the decor I have out. (Perhaps this is why people begin decorating for Christmas in October; I still refuse.)

Anywho, I thought I'd share my Christmas decor with my friends today. Believe it or not, I only used about 1/3 of the decor I found in my garage. I wanted to keep things simple this year, and that included using only a few of my favorite pieces around the main part of my house instead of the whole kit and caboodle.

Let's start with the outside. 

Here is my house in the daylight. 
Dead grass and bald spots in the landscaping rocks are attractive, no? Just ignore those!
Wouldn't a big wreath look awesome above my garage door? Just realized that! Maybe next year!

And again at night. 

Come a little closer!

My mom has over the years bought me two flags that say the exact same thing, both with high heels. Too cute!

Please don't peek through my windows. I have a fear about that!
Oh, hello shadow!
 My little doggie, Ralph, needs a Santa hat or bow or something, dont you think? I'll have to find that!

I love the animal print on this ornament door hanger, but I'm thinking I need something that coordinates with the pink door. Maybe I can do something totally different on the back?

Since you've made it this far, come on in!

New winter pillows courtesy of my mom.

  I leave this angel out all year, but I technically bought her from the Christmas section at TJ Maxx a few years ago.
"Believe" sign and a Tree Trek candle that smells amazing! It's become my new fave! And yes, that's Mama Joyce and Ace. #RHOA
That Believe sign was one of my first Christmas decor purchases years ago.


This Happy Everything plate is one of my favorite decorations. I love changing out the attachment every season.

Cute little spot in the kitchen.

A friend bought me this little Christmas Yorkie a few  years ago. I love it even more now that I don't get to share this Christmas with my little nugget. 

My favorite Christmas decorations- fresh flowers make all the difference. My friend, Whitney, sent these to me after Mia's death. Love them and the thought so much. 

And for the most important part....
the tree!

I went with silver and pearl white this year; a big change from my browns and golds of years past. And I absolutely love it!

So there it is! My simple decor that I want to leave up all year round! 

I actually have two small trees out in the garage to bring in, but I'm not really sure when that will happen. I'll keep you updated! ;)

Tell me, what does your home look like? Send me a picture or a link to your decor post!

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