Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

I've mentioned before that I'm on a huge LuLaRoe kick; there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of buttery soft leggings and an Irma tunic. Nothing, I say!

I'm on a big green kick this fall, particularly olive, so this is a fave outfit. Green leggings and a striped shirt. Yes, please!

My favorite pair of LLR leggings with an Agnes & Dora ruffle top. 

I wore this to my Pinterest Fall Party and got tons of compliments too. 

If you know me, you know pizza is my jam. So pizza leggings were the logical purchase.

Before I even bought any LLR pieces, I saved this photo on my phone. I LOVED this outfit. 

Fast forward a few months later, and I finally located the pieces to recreate the look. 

And love it even more with the sweater on top! 

I had on this outfit for a Saturday outing, got home, and noticed that I dressed exactly the same as my Bitmoji character. Exactly! Hahahahah

Pairing my LuLaRoe Lindsey kimono with some black staples from my closet.

This super cute dress came from a local boutique. I paired it with brown leggings and some boots of my fave boots.

I'm on a kimono kick and love this one with the pom sleeves! Too cute, right?

Some more green LLR leggings, with a purple tee and my favorite layering sweater!

I am obsessed with tie-dye and this top from Head Turners Boutique is a fave! So comfy and soft!

More leggings in my fave KY blue with a gray and white striped top. I love stripes!

This is another of my most favorite outfits in my closet! Brown leggings I already owned paired with an Agnes and Dora swing tunic and vest duster. LOVE! I got so many compliments on this outfit. 

Nicole Curtis even told me she loved it. True story!

 Well this is different for me. 
I own 3 of these Cuddlduds ponchos, but decided to pair this one with black leggings and some black trendy sneakers from Target. Very sporty. Very unlike me. 

And then today. Well, today I am WAY out of my comfort zone. And yes, I'm wearing a tshirt and yoga pants. And that is out of my zone. I never wear tees. Like stay away from them. But I went for it today and who cares... right? Hope tee supports the American Cancer Society and you can't see it, but the O in hope is in the shape of Kentucky.

And finally, my favorite outfit lately....
A cat onesie courtesy of Target. And if Bridget ever sees this, she may kill me! Love you, B!

I think I could wear this year round. No judging!

So that's what I've been wearing lately. Which look is your fave?

LuLaRoe, Agnes and Dora, nor Target paid me to wear or write about these. I'm just an obsessed LLR, A&D, 
and Target junkie!

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  1. I love it all, girl! I got my first LLR and am already obsessed and purchased more. I love the Agnes and Dora tops. Never heard of them so I'm off to check them out!


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