Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Partially Prepared Pecan Pie

If you're looking for something sweet, this recipe is perfect! 
It will knock you off your feet it's so sweet!

My friend, Brittany Young, shared this recipe on her facebook page not long ago, and I knew this would be perfect for Thanksgiving!

First, let's start with the ingredients.

You will need:
-2 pecan pies, already prepared
-chocolate syrup
-caramel syrup
-1.5 cups heavy cream
-1 block cream cheese
-1.5 tsp vanilla (not pictured)

Put your pecan pies on a cutting board. Here's where the "partially prepared" comes into play.

Cut into appx 1" cubes.

Mix softened cream cheese, heavy cream, and vanilla until thickened.

Sorry for the shadows on the photos friends. My kitchen has terrible lighting.

Place some of the pie in the bottom of your bowl. I've lost my trifle bowl, so I borrowed a plain glass bowl from my mom.

Pour some of the cream cheese mixture on top.

Then squeeze some chocolate and caramel syrup on top.

Repeat layer.

And refrigerate until time to serve.

Isn't that pretty?

All of the flavors just mesh so well, and this dessert is scrumptious!
Try this; your taste buds will thank me!

And here's Brittany's video of her making the fabulously sweet dessert.

Not only will you love this dish, but your family and friends will rave about it. I got so many compliments on this dish. Thanks for sharing, Brittany!

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  1. I do not like pecan pie so i have to confess that i didn't read this but i DID look at the pictures and it really does look delicious. But you can have my serving.


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