Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Hangover

I don't know if I'm already feeling the effects of turning a year older or if I'm just utterly exhausted from the weekend + Halloween. Either way, I've got a major Halloween hangover and the only thing that will cure it is about 24 hours of sleep. 

I worked yesterday, so to pass the day, I had fun with some awesome Snapchat filters. Can I walk around like this 24/7?

This one may be my favorite filter...besides the flower crown above. How fun?!

I pulled out this bumblebee costume from Mia's collection. Isn't she the cutest?

My mom is always sure to make birthdays special. Love her.

My sweet niece, Raelyn. She was the man girl in the yellow hat from Curious George.

And her brother was Curious George. Super cute, right? I loved it!

Is it cheating to ride the golf cart from house to house while trick or treating?

Things got crazy when I brought out the cat lady costume. 

My niece laughed (the only reason I bought the thing), and Owen just didn't know what to think.  He better get used to Crazy Aunt Mel.

I told Mom I wanted either Holy Cow Cake or Carrot Cake for my birthday. She made both. And they were both delicious!

By the end of the night, exhaustion set in, and we crashed. Mia, bless her heart, was so ready for people to leave and immediately crawled under the covers when we got to bed. I'm not sure if she was just tired or traumatized from everything going on. 

And if you look for me today, I may be under my desk in this same position! 

Halloween hangovers are no joke!


  1. Aw, Mia is so cute. I love her costume! My mom's dog was a bumblebee once too.

    1. My little Mia. She's the sweetest. I love dressing my dog up!


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