Monday, November 7, 2016

Gypsy Moon Marketplace

This weekend, one of my favorite events took place, the Gypsy Moon Marketplace!
Photo via Gypsy Moon facebook page

The market is held at Highland Stables in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in what used to be an old horse barn. Each vendor gets a stall to set up their unique goods- anything from handmade jewelry, book art, flowers made from plates, to refurbished antiques!

Photo via Highland Stables facebook page

I absolutely LOVE when it's time for Gypsy Moon (once in spring and once in the fall) because I know I'm going home with some awesome finds!

Here is one of the booths all decked out for Christmas. Unfortunately, I failed to get the name of the vendor or I would have linked back to them. Edit: I've been told that this booth belonged to Barn House Studio. Check out their facebook page. Coolest stuff ever! Isn't it absolutely gorgeous!?

And how fun are these dice I ran across? These were heavy duty and super cute!

And let's be real, the best part of any outing is the food. And let me tell you, Esters is the best! 
I got the cordon bleu mac n cheese with the hashbrown casserole. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about those cheesy carbs. Take me back!!!!
Yes. I did need ALL THOSE CARBS! I had to load up for all of the shopping I was about to do! Don't worry; I did share some of my food! Not all was consumed!

I introduced Meg to the goodness that is GypsyMoon, and I think she loved it. Here we are about to carb out!

Right before I ordered all my carbs, I ran into my friends, Kathy and Amelia, who told me to try the Cordon Blue Mac N Cheese. SO glad they shared that tid bit!

And while I was chowing down, I ran into my new friend, certified celebrator, Brittany. If you remember, I wrote a piece for Brittany's blog about her Fall Pinterest Party. She has the best live videos on facebook too, so be sure to check her out!

Since we've been talking about food, I have to tell you about the sweets I picked up. I saw a cupcake in a jar and was like "Yaasss, hunni. Gimme one of those!" Because it's a cupcake. In a jar. I had it for breakfast the next day, and holy smokes! So good!

I almost went back on Saturday, but decided my debit card need a break. But I did have my neighbor and good friend pick me up this cute Gypsy Moon sweatshirt. You should know that I have a crush on sweatshirts!

I'm so excited to share about this next purchase! As I was shopping away, I ran into a former co-worker/co-teacher, Davene, who makes amazing jewelry! Her company, Old Soul Jewelry Co., is sooooo cute. She makes everything herself and she is SO talented! I mean she is an art teacher, so of course she's good. I had to have something that she had made, so I picked up this leather cuff with pearl and crystals and this old key with leather and crystals. I immediately put them on, and I got so many compliments on them that night. Check out Davene's stuff. She is a sweetheart and I know you'll love her pieces!

Two ladies were set up with these flowers made from old plates. I knew my Nanny would love them, so I was looking for one for her for Christmas. Well as soon as I saw this leopard one, I knew it was the one....FOR ME! Yep, she came home with me. 

I almost forgot about the Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich!!! I went to the Pie Queen booth to grab a pie...or 2...but she was completely sold out. She only had these oatmeal cookie sandwiches. So I bought one. And laawwwwdddd, I want more!

I didn't buy anything at this booth...and the reason will come later, so stay tuned.... but how awesome are these pieces? Elizabeth Rhodes Studio makes everything from broken glass. Really cool pieces of art. I was amazed at everything!
Photo via Elizabeth Rhodes Studio facebook page

I also wanted to share a friend who was set up, Bethany from Recycled Reads! She and her husband make these cool letters and state shapes, college logos, etc. from old books. I've bought several books for myself and for gifts, and I have one of the whiskey barrel tops with Kentucky cut out.

Photos via Recycled Reads facebook page
I wish I had taken more photos of the cool booths, but I was just so busy  looking and buying and being in awe of how awesome these vendors are!

I love supporting small, local businesses, and attending these marketplaces is one of my favorite things to do. Check out the links to these talented vendors and look at their stuff. 

Now? I'm counting down to the spring marketplace. Who's going with me?

Edit: My friend, Brandi,  just sent this pic of Celesta and me; it showed up on her Timehop from 1 year ago. Look how excited we were about our finds!

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