Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Faves

Can I get an Amen????

I had some walls painted in my house yesterday! Bye bye, orange; hello, neutral! I just went with what was on the other walls, because I wasn't ready to have the whole house painted just yet. Because MONEY! But I'm so excited those orange walls are gone. Hallelujah! Pictures soon!

I got what I think will be my new favorite party game in yesterday! Can't wait to play Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid with my friends. Who's ready to come over?

I've been drinking an insane amount of sodas lately, and while I freaking love them, I know they aren't good for me. And my sugar may or may not have been elevated after my latest blood work. Sooooo... even though I don't enjoy drinking water, it is more fun in my favorite cup. 

Having 30 minutes of quiet time before I head into school in the afternoons is a favorite moment. I turn the radio onto the Coffeehouse station, turn it down low, and read. A half hour of uninterrupted quiet time is a fave!

My LuLaRoe party last Saturday was a favorite for the weekend. My guests bought a whopping 63 items, and I got 8 tops/dresses for free and 7 pairs of leggings for half off. WOW! My girls came to shop. Thank you so much to everyone that came!

Needless to say, I've been wearing my new LLR all week long. 

And this one is by far my favorite! Carly dress with an Agnes and Dora vest duster and leggings and booties!

Finally, giveaways are my fave! Obviously winning them is my absolute fave, but I get pretty pumped about giving things away too. Enter to win a copy of the uber popular Commonwealth below!

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  1. Daaaang, you made out great at your party! I love all your new goodies. I'm having a LLR party in December. I feel like if ten things sell and I get one freebie, I'll be happy lol. Hope to convert some of my friends into LLR addicts! Ha!


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