Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Faves

Another awesome week in the books!
 I'm sharing some of my faves with you all and Andrea today!

I took Mia to the vet yesterday. I honestly wasn't sure she would come home with me because she has just been acting so blah. She got a pretty good report; heart, lungs, and bloodwork all good! She is taking two medicines for the next week, and still can't see very well, but they said she looked great! 

I can't say the election was a fave, but let me tell you what is..... that it's over!!! So glad we won't have to hear anymore campaigning. 

And making a meme about the late night election results was pretty fun too!

I'm having a LuLaRoe party tomorrow. I'm so excited to see what's offered and hope my friends leave with some awesome items. I'm on the LLR train, and so excited for the party. If you are local, come on by! If not, send me a message and I can send you pics of something you're interested in!

I took this photo at my church Sunday. Isn't it gorgeous? It just screams FALL!

Still loving my goods from Old Soul Jewelry Co. I especially love that my friend made them!

All the carbs! I'm still thinking about that Cordon Blue Mac N Cheese and Hashbrown Casserole I had last Friday. OH MY YUM!

And I'll leave you with one of my favorite outfits from the week. Today I'm rocking all the colors, and I love it!

Finally, today is Veterans Day, and here is a picture of my favorite veteran, and one of my favorite people on the entire planet, my Poppa. He passed a few years ago, and he was honestly, the best person I knew. Look how handsome he was. 

What are you all loving this week?

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  1. Your poor little pup! I'm glad she looked good though and could come home with you :) Love your outfit today - all the colors give me all the heart eyes!! Have fun at your LulaRoe party!


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