Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Characters Most Like Me

You guys know how much I love a good tv show binge. And the shows I tend to love are the ones with characters I can relate to. 

While I couldn't think of a character that I'm exactly like, I thought of a few characters that I share some of the same characteristics with. 

Read on and see if you agree.

Jess Day from New Girl
I love this character so much. Jess is funny, but insanely awkward. Just like me. 

We love naps.

And make awkward faces and noises all the time. 

Monica Gellar from Friends
I never would have thought of this before, but I'm a lot like Monica. 

We both get annoyed easily. 

We have crazy frizzy hair.

And we both like to have a plan and be in control. I need things to be organized and planned. 

and remember how she used to be fat? Yeah. Me. 

Loralei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

You all will love this one, since GG is huge! 

Similar to Monica, we want things how we want them. 

Sometimes it's fun to be snarky and gossipy.

Dramatic? Me? Nooooo.

What do you think? Don't these characteristics sum me up perfectly?

If you were to choose a character for me, who would you choose?

Who would you choose for yourself?

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  1. I love all those characters! I'm more of a Phoebe Buffay, mixed with Rory Gilmore.


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