Thursday, November 10, 2016

5 Trends That Should End

I like to think that I'm hip and up-to-date with all of the trends. I'm a cool 32, right?


There are just some trends that I can't stand. I can't get on board with what is happening. And are going to get to see those that I want to end. 

If I see you in these trends, be sure this is how I'm looking at you! 

And if you happen to like them, don't be offended. Everyone has an opinion and ours are just different, and that is OK!

I'm sorry, friends. I just can't with these. They may be super comfy, but they are so ugly! And why do feet look dirty in them? I don't know. Top of my gag list. Especially on men. Ew.

Cold-Shoulder Tops

So. The cold-shoulder top. I think we should all band together and give this trend the cold shoulder. I don't know why I don't like them so much, but I just dont. Maybe because I just don't feel like my shoulders are cute enough to be put on display.

Aladdin Pants

Or what most people call Harem Pants. I don't like them. Why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE ELASTIC AT THE ANKLES. Nothing ever looked good wide up top and cinched at the ankle. If you're wearing these, get out your magic carpet and ride right back to the store to return them.

The Plastic Choker

Didn't your parents ever teach you to not put anything plastic around your neck? Or to leave the past in the past? Because let's leave these cheap plastic chokers in 1997 where they belong. Mmmmk?

The Fanny 

Unless you're wearing this fanny pack to a Halloween costume party, let's leave them on the shelves where they belong. Going on vacation? Wear a crossbody or backpack.

Did you know even the big designers (hello, Gucci) have them now? I just.... no. NO!

And if you are considering this, let me just tell you what I say over and over again...
No one looks good in a fanny pack. No one. 

I mean, tell me I'm the only one that doesn't like these trends? TELL ME!

And then tell me what trends you are against.

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  1. Oh no!!! I love the cold shoulder tops! And the choker I wear is similar to the one you showed, but I don't think mine is plastic.


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