Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hey friends! I hope y'all have a drink in hand and maybe a snack at your side, because this post is a doozy! I had a crazy packed weekend, and thought I'd spill it all in one post! Hope you'll stick with me until the end!

I took off Friday from work and spent the entire day with my Mom, sister, niece and nephew. We shopped, we ate, we wrangled some wild kiddos, and had the best, most exhausting time together. 

Before leaving.....

We ate lunch at Roosters, my first time there, and it was delish! Lots of fried, saucy food!

Mimi and sweet Raelyn.

My sister, Trisha, and nephew, Owen.
And yes, I realize we look nothing alike! 

He couldn't have the chicken, so he settled on an elephant instead!

Chicken wings for this girl. She loved them! Mess and all!

Needless to say, by the end of the day, I was exhausted. I love every minute with my little niece and nephew, but they are exhausting! I don't see many shopping trips with them at this stage, because whoa! But the time with them and their sweet faces make it totally worth it!

Despite my crazy Friday, I had another big day planned for Saturday. 

On Saturday, my favorite sister duo, Erin and Brandi, and I traveled about an hour away to the middle of nowhere for what I deem as our best adventure yet. 
Burkesville, KY. 
Cumberland County. 
And we had the best time. 

We went to attend a little Marketplace called the Hippie Tipi, which I read as the "hippie tip-e", but I think is supposed to be read as the "hippie tee-pee". Tuh-may-toe, tuh-mah-toe, right?

As we pulled up we see this little bug with some fall decor, so we were like, SELFIES!

Because every where is a good opportunity for a selfie.

Here's the fancy barn where the marketplace was held. But it's fancy because it's for events. Not actual livestock. Is that a thing where you all are? Or are weddings in barns only uber popular in KY now?

And of course, SELFIE!

I found this bag, and really debated getting it. But the millions of other things I bought won out. But it's on my list. 

We sat down for some lunch and this super cute girl in cowboy boots serenaded us while we ate. She was killing some Carrie Underwood and Kacey Musgraves. Girl had some talent! Isn't she adorable?

Then Erin had the bright idea to visit a winery, again, in the middle of nowhere. We drove the two miles to get there and looked and looked. We pulled up and the winery was in a danged house. I'll be honest, I was afraid the wine would be spiked with drugs and our families would never see us again. 

I mean, I think this snap says it all.

But the people were super nice, the wine was delish, and we may or may not have left with a few bottles. 

We drove through a bit of the farm, and it was so pretty. If you're in KY, check out Up the Creek Winery. Pretty neat. 

We drove on into Burkesville to look at a car for sale, and then drove up to the Alpine Motel because they say the views are amazing. 

Yep. I'd say "they," whomever they are, are right.  Beautiful!


On the way back, I demanded we stop at the Tastee Freeze for dinner. We (my sister and I) used to stop every Friday night with my grandparents when we were little. We no longer have any in town, which is a tragedy, because they are my favorite!!!! 

Burgers, cajun fries, and milkshakes? Yes ma'am!

Goodbye Tastee Freeze! 

Will someone please open one in Glasgow again? I'm telling you...I'd be your biggest customer!!!

As I was going through my phone that night, I noticed something... I was dressed just like my bitmoji. Hahahahahahaha. Spot on.

I just had the best day with these weirdos. Nothing better than visiting new places with some awesome friends!

Sunday was pretty low-key compared to Friday and Saturday. I may or may not have taken a looooong nap after church and lunch with my church family. It was much needed! I went back to church last night and then to eat with the sisters again. So maybe it wasn't as low-key as I thought, but the nap did help wonders!

Happy Monday, friends! And here's to hoping we have a quiet week in preparation for another crazy weekend!

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