Thursday, October 6, 2016

Three on Thursday

Today I'll be sharing three of my top loves; it can be anything from food, moments, items of clothing, songs, get the gist. No rules. Just 3 things I love. 

I actually saw this on Not Entirely Perfect and loved the idea, so, I'm totally borrowing it. Maybe this will become a regular around here.

1. Caramel Pumpkin Swirl candleThis is the first fall candle I've lit this year, and I'm already deeming it as my favorite. Bath and Body Works candles are the best and I especially love the fall line. Yes, please!

2. Almond Joy coffee creamer. International Delight was on sale this week at the grocery, so I grabbed my usual French Vanilla and this one. It is so so good, you guys. Sweet with just a hint of almond and coconut. Not over-powering at all. Mmmm.

3. Happy Fall sign. I went to a mini-marketplace Saturday morning and picked up this handmade fall sign. Ashley, the owner or Adorably Shabby and high-school classmate, made this and lettered it herself. She's totally talented and I am so glad I got to pick up something she made. I'm even thinking of ordering something for my sister for Christmas. I've got ideas, and know Ashley can make it happen! (I also am dying to learn to write like that. Help!)
And yes, that is the BBW Caramel Pumpkin Swirl candle burning in the corner that I mentioned earlier. So good.

What are you loving this week?


  1. I picked up a BBW candle this past weekend, too! I lit it for the first time last night but I can't remember the name of it!

  2. mmm that creamer looks so good, I love Almond Joys (and Mounds.) I didn't pick up that candle, I was worried it would be too fake sweet smelling? I ordered my fall ones online so I didn't get to smell them first. Maybe I'll head into a store and give that one a sniff.


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