Friday, October 7, 2016

Things in Threes

I must have an attraction to the number three this week- yesterday's Three on Thursday and today's Things in Threes. 

I saw this blog post/questionnaire yesterday on Grace & Galoshes and loved the idea, so here we are! I love answering these kinds of things, probably because I love reading others' answers. 

Things in Threes

3 things I'd never give up: sweets, cheese, bread

3 favorite vegetables: potatoes!!!, corn, tomatoes

3 shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end: Hart of Dixie, Revenge, and Full House (I feel like everything else I either started or finished on Netflix, and honestly can't think of anything "older".)

3 places I want to visit inside the US: Hawaii, California, and Alaska

3 places I want to visit outside the US: Ireland, England, France

3 things I always have with me: iPhone, lipstick, debit card

3 things I always have in my car: hand sanitizer, ink pen, extra napkins

3 most recent phone calls were to/from: Mom, Nanny, sister (not counting phone at work)

3 books I read in college and loved: Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Great Gatsby

3 most often used makeup products: eyeliner, lipstick, pressed powder

3 things that make me laugh: my niece, memes, gifs

3 things that make me cry: sappy movies and books, a family or friend being snippy with me, funerals

3 things I'm thankful for: my family, my health, my job

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you have an awesome weekend! :)


  1. I might have to borrow that little questionnaire thing too! Memes and gifs- yes!!! haha. Cheers to the weekend, pretty lady!!!

  2. I'd love to do a cruise to Alaska!


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