Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Simple Moments

I was reading Simply Tuesday last week, a book by Emily P. Freeman, about looking for and enjoying those simple moments in life. While I was reading, I realized that like the author, I focus on the big moments, when in reality, it's those small, every day moments that really make life. 

And then I started looking back on moments that really bring me joy. Moments I cherish and never want to forget. Let me share a few and see if you enjoy those same, simple moments.

Conversations with my niece

Sharing a plate of biscuits and cornbread at Cracker Barrel with my friends

Singing my favorite hymns at church

Seeing my 4 month old nephew laugh

Kisses from my dog

Mexican food with my church family on Wednesday nights

Rain hitting the roof

Driving with the windows down

Book club nights

Singing old 90s songs on the interstate

Peach fried pies with apple slush at Jackson's Orchard

Naps on Sunday afternoon

Sitting on the porch at my Nannys house

Cruising the lake on the pontoon with my parents

Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire pit

Getting hugs, giant arms around the neck and squeezing hugs, from my niece

Pizza Friday night

Hearing "I love you, Mel."

A golf cart ride around the lake

Donuts on Friday morning at work

Sleeping in

A good book/movie/tv series


What about you, friends? What simple moments bring you joy?

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  1. Yes, book club nights are the best! Also dog kisses. :)


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