Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Quirks {Show & Tell Tuesday}

Quirk is a funny word. It's a peculiar habit. Something that makes you "you". 

And it's also the topic for Andrea's Show and Tell Tuesday today. 

I can tell you what quirks other people have, but when it comes to thinking of my own, I struggled. What makes me "me"? What are my quirks?

Because I couldn't think of my own, I asked my friends. Their responses had me rolling!

Whitney- You're a weird eater.
You pick at your food. And don't eat meat off of a bone. 

Oh. Yep. That's true. And while I brainstormed, I actually wrote down that I'm picky with food.

Whitney- And you always have a drink with you. Always!
I do that too. 

Celesta- You tap your fingers a lot. 
I had no idea what she was talking about. Tap my fingers? 
Celesta- Yeah. Especially when we are waiting to be seated at a restaurant. 
I still had no idea what she was referring to. I don't do that. Do I?
So I told her to send me a video of what I do.

She will kill me for posting this. Hahahahaha

And no. I still have no recollection of me ever doing that. 

Mom- Bad grammar bothers you.
And you don't wear your seat belt.
Correction- I wear it sometimes. Like if I'm on the interstate or a country road. But usually not in town. I know. It is really bad. 

She kept going...
Mom- your sense of humor and  you're there for people when they need you.
Aww. Well that's sweet.

Roger- People. A lot of what people do bother you. 
Yep. Rude and stupid people bother me. A lot. 

Meg- You pick at your nail polish. 
I do. If there is a chip, I pick off the polish. It's gross.

Trisha-  Bubbly personality
Well that's good. Is that a quirk? I guess it makes me me.

Here's what I brainstormed for myself....

My list of quirks
1. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm super emotional and it's so annoying, but that's me!
2. I'm loyal to a fault. And trust people way too easily. 
3. I'm extremely sarcastic.
4. I'm so self-conscious it's crazy.
5. Plans. I hate having something going on, but not having a plan. I'm not good with out a plan. Drives me crazy.
6. I always wear jewelry. If I forget it, I feel naked.

7. I don't leave the house without makeup either. Nobody needs to see that.
8. I may or may not have road rage often.
9. I pick at my food. Whitney called it.
10. I have to have a fan on me 95% of the time. It just gets hot and stuffy without it.

So what do you think? Am I crazy or just me? 
What would you say are some of my quirks?


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  1. Your own list totally speaks to me! I'm extremely emotional and wear my heart on my sleeve (and forgive too easily), it drives my husband crazy!



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