Friday, October 28, 2016

October Recap

October is my absolute favorite month!
1. Cooler temps
2. Fall clothes!
3. Halloween
4. My Birthday! 

Today I'm going to share my favorite things from this month. Have a seat and enjoy!

At the top of my list has to be seeing Adele live. Amazing!

It was finally cool enough for soups, so I made my favorite potato soup.

I absolutely loved making haunted houses with my family.

It was fun hearing about my quirks from other friends. Too funny!
Plays are one of my favorite things to see, and seeing Arsenic and Old Lace last week was the best.

We had a chilly, rainy fall day last week, and it was the epitome of Fall! My happy face!

I got a library card (again), and I just love looking through the shelves at all of the books. 

The Fall Pinterest Party was one of my favorite activities this month! Can't wait to craft again! 
Check back next week for a class review, and I've got another class planned for the end of November! #happyfingers!

I'm ashamed to admit how often I've enjoyed a pumpkin Snickers or Reeses. I mean, you've got to take advantage of the holiday shapes!

I loved having dinner with some of my favorite women from church and their kiddos. Fun night with some awesome people!

I've loved attending some Fall marketplaces this month. My wallet....not so much!

Some of my fall goodies from these marketplaces are my fave! 

Oh, and I'm still loving my bangles from The Sandy Pearls.

Those are my favorites from October, my favorite month. How was your Oct?

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  1. And hanging out with one of your BFFS (and John)! :)

    1. YES!!!!! It was absolutely a highlight in Oct; I didn't get any pics of us! Why did I not take a pic????

  2. Love your marketplace finds! And making haunted houses sounds like fun!

    1. Thank you! You must make one this weekend!

  3. You have so many fun things for your favorites this week! Love those haunted houses - how creative! And those pumpkins you guys painted at the Pinterest party... I NEED to learn how to paint those flowers! So cute!

    1. It was so simple! I couldn't believe the flowers turned out so well. BUT you didn't see them up close! Haha

  4. I absolutely ADORE your outfit in the pic from your Fall Pinterest Party! I am also loving the arm candy...great bangles.

  5. Replies
    1. It was fun! I had the best time in Oct.
      Thanks for visiting; hope you'll come back!


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