Saturday, October 29, 2016

October Book Reviews

I only have 3 to chat about this month. If you like to read, I hope you'll find a book or two, or three, to add to your list. And if you don't like to read, maybe one of these will inspire you to try again! :)


After reading this synopsis, I was super excited to read this book. I've been in a suspense/thriller phase in my reading, and this seemed like it would be a good one. 

Immediately after starting, I was hooked and couldn't put it down. Anne and Marco, the normal couple from next door leave their months old baby daughter while they attend a dinner next door. But it's ok, because they have the baby monitor and and check on her every half hour. Until they get home and discover she's missing. As the detective starts questioning the couple and Anne's family, it is revealed that Anne has a surprising history, Marco was never welcomed into the family and his business is in ruins, and Anne's family also has a bit of history they want to keep hidden.

This is why I only gave the book 3 stars instead of 4 or 5, because there weren't really any flooring surprises and the ending was too predictable. However, because I couldn't put the book down, I did give it 3.

My book club chose this book all because of Carmen (My Fifth House)'s book club review. 

Kristy, a mom of 3, living the seemingly perfect life in the perfect house with the perfect husband, realizes something is missing. On a trip to Texas, she finds it- passion. Passion with a man she's known for 2 days. After a return home, she struggles with staying with her perfect life with no passion, or leaving it all for a man she doesn't know but that sparked something inside of her. 

It's all about perspective and Kristy shares her life and her new perspective on her life. She takes you through the ups and the downs and the book ends with you wanting your own "forever and always." I loved the tone and Kristy's easy to follow, emotional writing style. I gave it 5 stars. 


You read this book review a few days ago during my #CollaboReads linkup. 
Click here to read the full review.

If you want the short version, here ya go.
Allison, a super busy blogger, wife, and stay at home Mom, starts using a few too many (I mean 1 is too many, but bear with me....) prescription pills to "make" it through her day. Her family finds out, and she is sent to rehab. In this book, you get a look into an average suburbia mom's ups and downs with a drug addiction. 

The Rumor

I picked up this Hilderbrand novel because I've heard so many good things about Elin, and this was the latest that a fellow blogger had reviewed. 

The story is of Grace and Madeline, two middle-aged friends who live in Nantucket with their husbands and children, respectively. They go through a little more than the average person, but share heartache, lonliness, grief, and make bad decisions, just like the rest of us. 

Hilderbrand's writing flows easily and makes the appx 400 page book go by fast. I couldn't wait to keep reading to see what rumor would be next, if the islanders would find out the real stories, and how it would all effect Grace, Madeline, and their families.

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Tell me, which of these books listed today do you think you'd like? 
Have you read something great this month? Share with me!

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