Monday, October 24, 2016

Haunted House Cookie Kit

Would you believe that before Friday I had never made a gingerbread house?!?!?
In my 32 years, not one measly sad looking cookie house graced my kitchen table. 
I'm not bitter at all. 

All jokes aside, my mom bought two haunted houses for us to attempt to build, and we got together Friday night to make them. Let me just say.... it is hard!

We may or may not have had trouble with the icing keeping the cookies together, so we may or may not have used some canned goods to help hold the cookies in place. 

Putting together these houses is tedious work for a 4 year old. 
So she found her own way to entertain herself. Popping bubbles!

And eating the black icing....

Thankfully my sister had done this before and had a little more patience than yours truly.

Of course we had to get Owen in on the action.

Imagine my apprehension when Raelyn wanted to help do our house. "LEAVE IT ALONE!"  I was thinking.... I had worked so hard on it. But it's just a cookie house, right? RIGHT?

Finished products!

And then someone said MAKE SCARY FACES!

Next time, someone give me a house put together and I'll decorate. That building is hard!

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