Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Faves

Hi, friends! It's finally Friday and you have no idea how dang happy that makes me!

I haven't linked up with Andrea for Friday Faves in awhile, so I thought I'd do that today. 

I went to a candle making class yesterday and my candle was absolutely my fave! I will be sharing about that experience one day next week!

I got a library card last week, and let me tell you, our library is so nice! I know it will be a new fave!

Garcias will forever be my favorite Mexican restaurant. I may or may not have eaten there two days in a row this week. And honestly, I could eat there today too. 

Adele may be on my favorites list for weeks months. You can't imagine how incredibly talented this Brit is. I'm still in awe!
Photo via Bridgestone Arena Facebook page

Fall weather has finally reached Kentucky and that is my most fave! This is my dream weather, even if it is rainy and dreary. The chill is here and I'm loving it!

What are some of your faves from the week?


  1. Girl, I found your blog on the Friday Favorites link up. I did.t blog today but was just reading along. I see that you are in KY. I'm in Southern IN and I'm loving this fall weather too!! Happy Friday :)

  2. You are always doing such fun things - a candle making class?! Jealous! And i'm jealous you had mexican twice this week!! I love me some Mexican food but my husband isn't a fan (how is that possible for anyone?!). You should definitely treat yourself today to it again :)

  3. I would love to go see Adele - I hear she is amazing in concert! I totally want to go to a candle making class too!
    Stopping over from the Momfessionals link up. Hope you can hop by my blog too!


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