Monday, October 17, 2016

Adele aka The Girl With An Angel's Voice

Out of this world.
I'm trying to come up with adjectives to describe Adele, but nothing really suffices. Because let me tell you, that girl can sing like no one else. 

Let's start at the beginning. My amazing friend Meg invited me to go to the Adele concert with her last night, and after thinking about it for awhile saying yes before she even completed the question, I said YES! (I realize when most people type, "I said YES" they are referring to a proposal, but Adele is right up there with that.) 

The concert, set to start at 730, actually started around 830. So we wasted time by taking selfies. Because duh.

All eyes on Adele, 

And then.... 

In between songs, Adele talked a lot.  And I was so okay with it. I never would have guessed but she is so funny! And just precious. I mean, I need her to be my bff.

But back to her voice. I just.... it's not fair that one person can be that talented. 

The song that started it all....

I always make fun of people that take photos and videos the entire time they're at a concert. I mean, ENJOY THE CONCERT! BE PRESENT. 
But I continued to be that person, because it's freaking ADELE and I never want to forget this!

Photo via Bridgestone facebook
You'll have to excuse me if you see me today;  I'm in an Adele hangover.

Was last night even real???

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