Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mel's Fall Wishlist

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year for many reasons, one being the clothes and shoes. I've got a couple things at the top of my wish list for this season, so I thought I'd share with you. 

Mel's Fall Wishlist

Barefoot Dreams cardigan

Lucky brand booties

TOMS suede booties
$95 - neimanmarcus.com

Kate Spade white purse

Tech accessory
$935 - apple.com

Halogen wide brim hat

I have few pairs of booties, but none that I just LOVE, so those are at the top of my list. And those cheetah Toms booties have been on my wish list for years. Literally. So I need to just buy them.

Barefoot Dreams
Have you all felt of anything by this brand? It is heaven. HEAVEN! I'm dying for a cardigan, but haven't  pulled the plug yet because $100!

Floppy Hat
They are so so cute. On everyone else that is. I look stupid in hats, but that doesn't stop me from wishing for them.

Plaid Bag
You guys. Kate Spade is my spirit animal, and I love her bags. And this plaid ones is just screaming at me to buy her! I will. When she goes on sale.

iPhone 7
My phone has bit the dust. Like it will be on 60% and then just crash. I can't use SnapChat unless my phone is hooked up on the power cord and has at least 80%. It's ridiculous. Only 1 more month of being in my contract and I'm going for the big dog! The iPhone 7 Plus!

What's on your Fall Wish List?


  1. Floppy hats are so popular for fall. We both have expensive tastes!

  2. The accessories here are so fashionable and so lovely. The accessories here are perfect for fashion and outfit. The hat here is so nice and fashionable. I love the animal shade shoes and the booties is so awesome. i am loving these accessories. I also prefer leather skinny jeans for fashionable outlook.


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