Thursday, September 1, 2016

5 Things That Represent My Childhood

The name Felony Melanie just popped into my head as I tried to think of a snapchat persona I could use.  And as I said that, I had random items that came to mind, all from my childhood. 

Then I thought, "Duh! I'll share this with anyone that reads my blog." Hello? Are you out there? Anyone?

First let me start with the movie that I could recite line for line with my friend, Alicia. 

"Clear as glass. In fact, I can see right through you." Snap! We said that a million times. So much, that all of our friends in 6th grade called us out on it and told us to shut it up. How rude!

Next up is one of my favorite things to do outside when friends weren't around to play with me. 

Now the kind back in the 90s was actually called a Skip-It, but this will give you the image, just in case you were living under a rock and had no access to such things.

If it was too hot outside or winter time, you can bet I was lying in my day bed and reading about the shenanigans of Kristy, Stacy, Claudia and the other babysitters. #Obsessed

Then came the time when I was super cool and responsible and got my own Sony Discman. 

Im sure I had the uber cool Spice Girls or Hanson in there to jam out to.

The mid-end 90s were spend obsessed with basketball. Not to brag, but I did make the 7th and 8th grade basketball team. It must have been due to the skills I acquired while practicing with this dope UK basketball. 

That's a short list, but some of the things that my 90s were about! What would be on your list? 

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