Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Worst School Pic (Show & Tell Tuesday)

Well preparation for this post has been slightly funny and completely embarrassing. 

When I saw that Andrea had come up with the topic of Worst School Pics for Show & Tell this month, I thought, "How fun! I can't wait to see everyone's posts." Until I decided to link up. Then it became full-on humiliating as I looked through old school photos. 

I decided to share not one, not two, but several embarrassing photos as part of this linkup. I mean, if I'm going to do this, I might as well go all out, amiright?

Let's start with my Kindergarten photo. This was circa 1990s and denim dresses were everything. Check out that puffy sleeve. And my bangs. Oh lawd, those bangs! 

Oh...freshman year. That's an awkward time for everyone right? So normally during my middle school and the first part of high school, I wore t-shirts, jeans or basketball pants, tennis shoes, and my hair in a ponytail. Every day. Unless it was picture day. Then I raided my mom's closet for a button up (so sophisticated), and found this sparkly butterfly necklace in my jewelry box. 


 Let's go back to elementary school when I got super puffy and fat. I believe this was 3rd grade. Still had the wacky bangs, but longer, stringier hair, and I was probably eating kindergartners at this point...just judging from my super pudgy cheeks. 

I'm going to say this super attractive photo was from my 6th or 7th grade year. Bangs are gone, but that fivehead is shining!And long hair. Flyaways. Frizz. Shirt from Rue 21, I'm guessing. 

And now we are to my last favorites from the school photo stash. 
I'm going to say this may be 4th or 5th grade. Notice the feathered bangs?
Again, this was when denim on denim was rocking. Can you spot the other 90s fashion? How about those pointy-toed boots? The stonewash jeans. The hooded denim button up. The turtleneck!!!! And to top it off, I chose the crayon from the props stash. Probably to go with my red turtleneck. 
Classic 90s!

And finally. My favorite embarrassing school photo. 
A denim romper. A onesie!!!!! Yes. This had buttons in the crotch. This must also have been the time when the Olympics occurred and I wanted to be a gymnast. BTW- pretty sure this was my absolute favorite outfit that year.  More large glasses. A perfect curl side bang. And a pencil and ruler. I love props, apparently. 

So that it. There are my most embarrassing school photos for the entire world to see. I must love humiliating myself; it happens so often. Lol. 

Link up with Andrea to share your worst school pics. And then let me know so I can see them and won't feel so bad about mine! ;)

Topics coming up....

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