Thursday, August 4, 2016

Teaching Fail

Almost 10 years ago, I began my (short) teaching career. I started in January of 2007 as an English teacher to sophomore, juniors, and seniors. I only taught for four years, but let me tell you, I probably had more more fails than I did successes. 

My biggest fail was during my very first year and in a sophomore class. We had been studying advertising techniques, and I had created a test for the end of the unit. I'm sure if you teach, you know how hectic everything is. So in my haste, I copied photos, wrote questions, printed and copied the tests. 

The morning of the test, I handed them out and walked around as my students were testing. The very last question had a photo of a very expensive car that I'd found online. 

Similar photo to the one I had used.
Not long after I passed out the test, a kid started giggling. I walked over to see what he was interrupting test time about, and he excitedly showed me what was so funny. 

Little did I know, it also had text underneath the car photo that conveniently was not seen in the thumbnail. That text? For when your penis just isn't big enough. 


You guys. I had never been more embarrassed than I was in that moment.

Just imagine a room full of 15 year old teenagers, mostly boys, quickly flipping to the back of the test to see what was so funny before I ran around snatching papers out of the kids' hands. 

Needless to say, word quickly got around school that Ms. Smith had put "penis" on a test. Luckily, administration and fellow teachers thought it was hilarious! And I learned to read and re-read tests and materials before printing and distributing to minors. 


  1. I would have DIED if I got a test like that in high school. At least you taught your students a good lesson on people that drive super fancy cars.

  2. Classic... You'll never forget that story, I'm sure!


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