Thursday, August 18, 2016

Random Facts About Me

Because who doesn't love learning more random facts about me?

1. I'm obsessed with Snapchat filters. (See exhibit 1 above.)

2. Let's be honest, I love all social media. It's what keeps me from falling asleep at my desk daily. 

3. I try to be a good Christian and a lady and respectful, but sometimes I love good ole vulgarity. Of course, there is a time and a place, and it's when I'm with my other immature friends. 

4. I could eat chips and dip for every single meal.  Or tortilla chips and cheese dip.

5. I have huge buyer's remorse after most purchases. "Do I really need it? How often will I use it? Is it worth this price?" You would think as much as I shop, I wouldn't do this. Or maybe that's the reason I do. 

6. I hate seeing unpainted toe nails. I just think it is so gross. I have no idea why. 

7. If I had enough money, I would travel the world. I love seeing new places and revisiting old favorites. However, I don't get to travel much at all. Based on my bank account, I could make it to my back yard. 

8. I'm a Kate Spade addict. I need a new hobby.

9.  I once played a Mexican in a Kindergarten play based on what we had learned throughout the year. I wore a sombrero and a poncho. "If Mexico was the place, we would say uno, dos, tres. We'd ride a burro and wear a sombrero to keep the sun off our face." I still got it!

10. I'm addicted to watching Shawn Killinger and Isaac Mizrahi on QVC on Monday nights. I've never bought anything they've presented, but they are so funny that I'm sad if I miss it.

There ya have it. Do you think I'm super weird now? 

1 comment:

  1. No, none of those things seem super weird, except maybe the toenail one (lol).

    I love tortilla chips too. Restaurants that keep refilling your chips basket are not safe around me. It doesn't help that I love tomatoes and chips are a convenient salsa delivery system.


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