Monday, August 29, 2016

Let's Talk: Fall!

Fall. My heart goes pitter-patter when I hear that one little word. It is my absolute FAVORITE season!

Let me share some of my favorite things about Fall.
All of my photos are from Pinterest since I was so unprepared to write this morning!


I love a good sweatshirt, chunky sweater, riding boots, layers, etc. ::sigh:: 

Ahhh. Seeing these fall fashions just makes me want to dig out my sweaters NOW. Well...except for this 90 degree, humid weather, that is.


Fall makes me want to pull out my crockpot and cook all of the soups and warm goodies. 

Mmmmm. Ok, now I need some warm, feel good food!


Other than Christmas, Fall is my favorite time to decorate. It's just so cozy and cute! 

--Fall Foliage--
Fall is by far the prettiest time in Kentucky. Leaves turn, and the colors are gorgeous! I don't know where these pictures were taken, but it reminds me of Kentucky!

Let me just reiterate, Fall is by far my all time favorite! Can it just be fall all year long?


  1. I looove fall! I'm pretty sure I have similar, if not the same, outfits pinned! Haha! Great list! Fall (and Xmas) decor are my favorites!

  2. We love the same things about fall! I say, Bring It!!


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