Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Faves

Y'all! We made it to Friday, and I think that deserves a huge HALLELUJAH!

You know my Friday drill by now; I'm sharing my favorites throughout the week with Andrea over at Momfessionals for 2 reasons: 1) I love a linkup, and 2) Andrea is one of my favorite bloggers!

Well, first, let's celebrate the fact that I've blogged every (week) day for two weeks in a row! What?!?!?!?! Who am I? 

Book Club

I meet these sweet ladies once a month for dinner to discuss the book we've read and  other life happenings. I look forward to this dinner so much throughout the week. We've read some awesome books along the way too!

Church Friends

I go to church with some awesome people, and they are a huge reason I starting attending again. We have a standing dinner every Wednesday night at even some Sundays for lunch. Love these people and all their kiddos.

Cooler Temps

We've had some cooler temps this week, and I have absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, the humidity and heat is back up, but I enjoyed the good weather while we had it! C'mon Fall!!!!!

Eats by Shay Shull
Getting this gal's cookbook in the mail was one of the highlights of my week. How sweet of her to send some of her readers a copy, along with a few other goodies. So excited for Shay, and I can't wait to start cooking some of her recipes!

What have been your favorites from the week?

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  1. Someday, maybe when my kids are grown I'll be able to do a book club. They always sound like so much fun. And how cool that Shay sent you her cookbook.


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