Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Recap

Friends. Holy cow! Where did August go? 

While it went by fast, I snuck a lot of activities in these past 30 days. 

I ate the best burger of my entire life in Nashville.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it....

We ate at The Pharmacy in east Nashville, and it was amazing. I will be going back soon for another. And yes, Kathy, I will order tots again. Always tots!

I finally understood the obsession with everything LuLaRoe.  I was so against this trend for the longest time, but once I wore my new pieces, I was hooked. 

I attended some pretty rad birthday parties for some pretty rad kiddos. And I'll never turn down an opportunity for photo booth fun!

I had my first glazed croissant and my mouth was in heaven. You guys. I've never tasted a finer pastry. Thank you Dunkin Donuts!

I had some awesome family time with my parents, sister, and her family. Love those kiddos.  

I received Eats by one of my favorite bloggers, the one and only, Shay Shull. I also wrote a review about it. And here's a little secret, it's a great cookbook! 

I ate out entirely too much with some pretty cool people. One of our favorite spots after church is Paradise Point. Grab some hot dogs and soft-serve ice-cream and we're set. 

And my absolute favorite spot, Garcias, with book club and other groups of people. Gimme all the cheese dip and guac!

I enjoyed some cooler temps, but don't worry, it was short lived. We are back up in the 90s, and to say I'm not happy about it is a major understatement. Bring on fall, y'all! 

I wrote a lot this month for this little ole blog. 
I linked up a lot (because I'm obsessed with linkups)...

...and shared lots of random, embarrassing facts about myself!

I also sold my beloved little Rogue that I called Lucy. I had her a year, and she was a good one, but I was ready to move on!

Back to school shopping occurred. Well, I shopped and took advantage, but not for back to school. Mainly for office supplies for me (because I LOVE office supplies) and for our church's Christmas Shoebox drive.

And I did a whole lot of relaxing. Right up my alley!  

How was your August, friends? Let's cheers to September!

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  1. Sounds like a fun filled month! I'm all about tater tots and office supplies too. ;-)

    It's been super hot for us this summer too. I'm ready to move on to cooler temps right about now.


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