Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Annoying Sounds

Let me just say that there are some sounds that drive me absolutely bonkers. Sounds that make me want to stab my ears with scissors, as I've clever pictured below. Or I could be less dramatic and just buy some noise-cancelling headphones.....

Seriously though. We all have those pet peeves....and a lot of mine have to do with sounds and noises. 

Here are a few that annoy me to no end....

- whining/crying kids
- old people who clear their throat and it sounds like they are gagging/vomiting.... especially while I'm eating
-burping in public
-tapping hands or fingers on a table
-car alarm
-sniffing constantly
-people talking on speaker phone
-fork scratching a plate
-fire detector's low battery beep
-nail clippers

And the last one that prompted me to even write this post.....
- constant humming

I have a co-worker that does this all day, every day. Like I literally want to stab him in the voice box to make it go away. 

What noises drive you up the wall?

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  1. The burping gets to me too, but I had to laugh because I was shopping with my daughter today and we heard a man in the men's restroom (we passed it on the way to the ladies' RR) let out the most rude, loudest, obnoxious, make-you-slap-your-mama burp I've ever heard in my life!! Good grief!


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